Derma Stamp / Roller

Stimulates skin to regenerate and repair - Creates smoother, brighter and younger looking skin - Increases collagen and elastin
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Derma Stamp / Roller

Dermastamp & Dermaroller


Medical skin-needling is an established clinical procedure showing clinical results and skin improvements that are well undisputed. Peer studies and clinical reviews have established it as an effective treatment with an excellent safety profile. Its suitability for all skin types has made it a key treatment for acne scarring, sun damaged and ageing skin, fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks.


The introduction of eDS™ Skin Rejuvenation provides advanced, electronic medical skin needling, a procedure that stimulates skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, younger and healthier looking skin.


eDS™ Skin Rejuvenation is only available from medical practitioners and authorised clinics using the eDermastamp™ CE marked medical device.


How does the eDS™ Dermastamp work?

The precision engineering of the eDermastamp™ device, enables the practitioner to accurately control the intensity of the eDS™ Skin Rejuvenation procedure by adjusting the needle depth and needle speed depending on the area being treated and the clinical condition of the skin. The eDS™ Skin Rejuvenation treatment has an excellent comfort level and this will normally be made more so by the application of a topical anesthetic prior to treatment. Alongside this and to further enhance the efficacy and comfort of the treatment, the practitioner will incorporate a medi-grade, skin hydrating and enhancing solution to the treatment area providing an advanced mesotherapy procedure.


Creating a wound healing cascade, collagen and elastin is stimulated and skin appears smoother, brighter and tighter.


Results you can expect:


Skin is rejuvenated, with an increase in collagen and elastin leading to a healthier looking skin. Common problems such as sun damage, premature ageing, skin laxity and discolouration, are all significantly improved.


20th October 2016