Ideal treatment to remove warts and skin tag   Extremely quick treatment   Can treat anything benign on the surface of the skin     If you have a skin imperfection which is making you feel a little self conscious, then the Cryopen™  treatment at Skin Secrets can help. The Cryopen™ has millimetre precision, allowing for control of the penetration of nitrous oxide on the area being treated.The best thing about this treatment is that it is extremely quick, with the procedure lasting up to 2 minutes, meaning you'll be in and out of the clinic in no time. Although, we will need to do a thorough consultation to ensure suitability and explain aftercare.The...


Thanks to this outstanding non-surgical solution, Dermiplas allows for extremely effective removal of lines around the eyes as well as reduction of ptosis (dropping/sagging eyelids). Dermiplas is our upgraded medical device which uses advanced technologies that allow for fast and effective treatment which is also comfortable to patients. This is a revolutionary permanent eyelift procedure that requires no surgery. It tightens and lifts the skin around the eye area, non-laser, natural rejuvenation with instant results. Long lasting, instant, permanent results lasting for 2-3 years.   This non-surgical eye lifting and skin tightening procedure, is also for lines, wrinkles, upper lip and neck area as well as frown lines. This method shrinks excess skin, bags and...