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Mesotherapy And Facials


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Mesotherapy And Facials

Skin Analysis: Aids in the diagnosis of skin disorders and is safe for the skin and eyes. What comes out is the safer UV-A rays which does wonders in revealing various skin conditions, as different conditions of the skin react (fluoresce) differently to these safer type UV rays.

– Will recognise and diagnose skin problems. The machine has 4 large bulbs (10 watts each) and 2 small ones (6 watts each) strategically placed to reveal the various conditions of the skin. Inside the machine is also a magnifying mirror that allows you the customer to see for yourself , with the help of the various florescent colours of various skin conditions. The skin care consultant will look at the customer from the other side of the machine through a movable magnified viewing panel.

– Helps identify various skin conditions in vivid florescent colours. The machine allows you the client to participate in identifying your own skin problems to achieve the state of “seeing is believing” so you we can then decide together which treatment will be most beneficial for you.

All or facials are prescriptive and can be tailored, depending on your specific skin concerns, please ask

Microdermabrasion Facial – £35

A minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone + texture improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, leaving the skin refreshed + rejuvenated.

Mini Million Dollar facial £35

Perfect introduction to the Million Dollar facial and all its benefits. Reduces swelling and cellular pressure, helps with congestion, and heals and cools the skin. Benefits all skin types and conditions

Dermaplaning and Mask £35

An excellent skin care treatment that can instantly improve the appearance of your skin. Provide deeper product penetration removes non-terminal hair (peach Fuzz) removes dead skin promotes smoother skin.

Dermaplaning and Caviar peel – £55

We all know the fabulous results dermaplaning can offer, now let us take those results one step further to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation, even out skin tone and blemishes, nourish and hydrate.

Million Dollar Super facial – £55

Introducing the coolest collaboration in skincare, Million Dollar Ice Globes + Vitamin C = Dermaplaning Super Facial removes dead skin cell + impurities, leaving skin radiant + refreshed.

Million Dollar Carbon Peel Facial – £70

This treatment Is the holy grail of peels, the results are incredible, reducing fine lines + wrinkles, reduces acne, scars + post acne discolouration, improve skin texture, clears + tightens pores, lifting and brightening effect and reducing pigmentation.

Million Dollar Facial – £99

Working your skin from the outside in, deeply exfoliate working your skin from the outside I, deeply exfoliate dead skin cells + remove non-terminal hair, polish the skin, flush toxins, increase + stimulate our natural collagen + cell turnover

Million Dollar Body – £99 – £150

Treat Stretch Marks + Scars

This treatment triggers the development of collagen + elastin in your body, which will promote skin regeneration in the damaged areas, improving the tone + texture of skin + reducing the appearance stretch marks + scars.

Micro-needling + Meso Ha + c – £99

Innovative revitalizing + regeneration facial, stimulates cell renewal, hydrates + deeply revitalises the skin, supports scar reduction + pigmentation.

Micro-needling + Meso lift 3D – £99

Luxurious lifting serum with botulin like effect improves skin elasticity + firmness, reduces the appearance of mimic wrinkle, powerful skin lifting + tightening effect. Recommended for individuals 45 + years

Growth Factor Facial – £99

Makes having beautiful skin easy, giving you fresher, smoother healthier looking skin intense collagen boosting facial, rejuvenates aging skin.

Micro-needling – £150

Imagine life with smooth, youthful skin. Non-surgical clinical treatment induces the production of new collagen to treat acne scarring, fine lines, skin texture, pigmentation, age spots, loose skin + stretch marks.