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AB Fabs package

Complete your transformation with our 3D power sculpt

3D Power sculpt

Designed to give your body the effects of an intense gym workout in only 30 minutes session. Equivalent to 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes

  • 8 sessions 2-3 sessions weekly for maximum effect

Our Power sculpt machine not only burns fat quickly and efficiently, but also builds muscle , sculpting your body in to ideal shape and silhouette with lasting results

The perfect treatment to get you ready for summer.

Normally £800

Now half price £400

3d power sculpt


If you want to try this trend too, you might want to invest in a course of IPL hair removal to get silky smooth skin, and to avoid razor bumps or irritation from waxing.

  • Free patch test at consultation

  • e.g 8 sessions of IPL from only £199 for underarms or lip and chin

eg £299 for arms and lip and chin
eg £399 for legs and Bikini line

All other areas at consultation and quote will be given at consultation

Men’s Beardline, Neckline and back of neck

Hair removal for men

No more shaving for random hair or those hard to reach places eg back of neck. No more hair hanging over your collar or tee shirt neck a thing of the past.


8 session packages available. Get ready for summer now guys.


Only £35 per session!
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